At CMS we understand that wellbore placement is critical for maximized production. Using a Dynamic, interactive and intuitive geosteering system CMS helps operators obtain that goal.

Our geosteering services include:

  • Assistance in landing well trajectory
  • Direct communication regarding critical changes to wellbore inclination
  • Monitor LWD data in real time to anticipate dip
  • Place formation tops
  • Produce an End of Well Geosteering report
  • Communication regarding basin specific drilling difficulties.

We offer a wide variety of geosteering options:

  • 4 person geosteering/mudlogging crew. Our team is trained to communicate with each other and the client to use LWD data, rock cuttings and gas data to keep the wellbore in zone.
  • 2 person geosteering mudlogging crew. Our geosteering crew will also provide complete mudlogging services.
  • 1 Person “night” geosteering. Our night geosteerer allows your in-house geosteering specialist to rest easy, and is trained to alert geology if anything unexpected occurs.
  • Remote geosteering services are also offered as needed.

Our geosteerers are trained on several geosteering platforms, including TerraVu, StarSteer, SES and others.