Gas Monitoring – Semi Manned

CMS offers state of the art semi-manned gas monitoring service. Using our own proprietary gas detection equipment the well is remotely monitored by our experienced staff. We offer total well bore gas readings as well as component breakdown through chromatography. This information is available on-demand using Well Site Information Transfer Standard (WITS) around the clock and is compliant for imports for EDR and LWD.

We offer email reporting as needed by the client. These reports include a mudlog file, pdf exports of mudlog for easy viewing and a detailed LAS file. Our mudlogs include Total Gas, chromatographic readings, gamma readings and surveys from LWD, and client specified drilling parameters. Our LAS files meet industry standards for easy import into any third party software for additional data analysis. All units deployed to site are fully stocked and “ready to mudlog” if full mudlogging services are unexpectedly needed. For additional peace of mind all of our units are supported by locally deployed technicians for assured dependability.

Pricing is structured so that multiple rigs in the same area see a discount.