Our primary goal at CMS is to provide top quality service to our clients. To accomplish this we have adopted various policies and procedures that ensure a quality practice. CMS quality control starts with our mudloggers. They are trained to know quality comes first when producing a log for our client. They have access to a CMS Manager, our in house Geologist, and a technical support representative 24/7/365.

Logging Unit Pre-Job Inspection

Our logging units are thoroughly inspected before being dispatched to the field. All equipment is tested and the unit is stocked with the necessary mudlogging consumables for the job. Upon arriving on location our mudloggers perform a 2nd overall check to ensure nothing has been missed and that everything required for mudlogging is in place and ready.

Daily Reports

Unit reports and mudlogs are emailed twice a day to our in-house Geologist and the CMS manager assigned to their location and the client for a quality control review. These reports are typical at 6am and 3pm but can be adjusted to fit the client’s needs. Any updated reports are only a phone call away.

Onsite Inspections

To insure each job is following our operating and safety procedures unannounced job site visits are performed by the CMS Manager assigned to each location. They perform unit inspections, audits of jobs, and post rig-up inspections. They also communicate with the on-site company representative in person and your office representative by telephone. Any corrective measures are immediately initiated at the job site.


CMS has an experienced and highly trained professional staff that is used to the responsibility entailed by our QC requirements. We therefore do not anticipate any personnel or training problems in complying with these requirements. If any such problems occur, CMS will take whatever actions are necessary to correct them including retraining, providing more supervision, or removal of poorly functioning personnel. Any matters such as this would be discussed with the client since communication is the key to our success.


Our safety philosophy is applied to all our operations. Even during periods of heightened activity and growth we have maintained our lost time incident rate at an extraordinarily low level and well ahead of national averages for our industry. These results can be attributed to our commitment to behavior based safety programs. Behavior based safety creates a workplace environment where employees feel empowered to eliminate or report hazards. Employees work together as a team to help monitor and reduce at-risk occurrences. Encouraging employees to be proactive in how they work and watching the habits of co-workers reduces the possibility of accidents and injuries. CMS has in house safety training that EVERY employee must take to insure a safe work environment. These courses cover such topics as Drilling Site Safety, H2S Awareness, PPE, Spill Prevention and Electrical Safety just to name a few. Upon completion every employee receives a safety course sticker to be applied to the hard hat with the corresponding year they’ve taken the course. This training is updated annually. Our safety team approach inspires all employees to take an active role in encouraging one another to work together, sharing the project load while solving problems and creating solutions. Taking a fresh look at what people may take for granted is a vital part of this process. It is an effective way to combine employee knowledge, enthusiasm and ideas to help identify and control safety hazard issues in the most timely and effective manner.